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Job Site Safety Handbook


This Job Site Safety Handbook Template is designed to assist Construction Contractors and Subcontractors with developing a handbook that will serve as an effective tool to convey safe work practices to individual workers.

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Starting with basic and proven fundamental necessities ready to be modified to fit the task at hand is the easiest, most efficient solution to save time and ensure success.

This Word™ document is can effortlessly edited and customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. 


· Review the editing instructions included with the Template

· Start at the beginning, read each section

· Analyze applicability to organizational operations

· Revise and edit as needed

· Save, Print and Issue for Implementation


Print as many copies as required to ensure that every person on the site has easy access to safety topics related to the job at hand.


The Handbook can be efficiently maintained as both an electronic and printed resource.


The ultimate responsibility for Job Site Safety lies with the General Contactor who typically requires each of its Subcontractors to submit a copy of their Job Site Safety Handbook when they are bidding work. 


This Template produces a professional looking document that clearly conveys a message to potential clients that your organization treats Safety as a top priority.


Publishing this 40+ page Job Site Handbook will clearly convey your Organization’s commitment to maintaining a Safe Work Environment and serve as a Simple and Easy to Read Task Specific Reference Tool covering a wide range of topics such as:



· General Job Site Responsibilities

· Employee’s Responsibilities

· Job Site Safety Coordinator

· General Safety Practices

· Specific Safety Rules And Procedures

· Smoking

· Drugs, Alcohol And Contraband

· Employee Entry/Exit To The Job Site

· Personal Protective Equipment

· Hair

· Respiratory Protection

· Hearing Protection

· Safe Work Permits

· Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

· Hot Work Permits

· Lockout/Tagout

· Safe Equipment & Pipe Line Breaking Procedures

· Electrical Safety

· Heavy Equipment Operation Within Process Units

· Crane Safety

· Forklift Safety

· Ladder Safety

· Scaffold Safety

· Multi-Gas Detectors

· Tools - Hand And Power

· Compressed Gas Cylinders

· Excavation And Trenches

· Housekeeping

· Lead Abatement

· Hazard Communication

· Chemical Hazards

· Emergency Response Procedures

· Incident/Accidents

· Enforcement Authority

· Conclusion

· Employee Acknowledgment Form


Clearly conveying your Organization’s Safety Commitment and Requirements to every employee, contractor, subcontractor, and any other personnel on the site will go a long way in avoiding the expense, inconvenience, and other consequences of workplace accidents.


There is no substitute for a written handbook when it comes to Job Site Safety.


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