OSHA Safety and Compliance

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The Number One Objective Of Any Organization Must Be The Safety Of Its Workers And Anyone, Both Present And Future, Affected By Organizational Activities.

An Effective Safety Program Manual Promotes Safety While At The Same Time Complies With All OSHA, Federal, State or Local Regulations.


What is your Safety Objective?

· An Effective Safety Program that Protects & Complies

What is your Motivation to Action?

· Concern for the Welfare of People

· To ensure Organizational Compliance

· The need to Document Safety Compliance

· A Safety Accident prompts Action

· Clients want to review your Safety Program

· OSHA wants to review your Safety Program

· Get ready for an OSHA Inspection


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Our Website’s Number One Objective Is To Provide All Organizations, Both Large And Small, with Immediate And Effective Ways To Quickly Develop And Implement A Comprehensive Safety Program.


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OSHA’s Four Step Safety Program Implementation Process


Step One:  Management Leads the Way by; Setting Policy, Assigning and Supporting Responsibility, Setting an Example, and Involving Employees.


CAS050703 Contractor’s Site Safety Policy $29.95


CAS080308 Job Site Safety Handbook $29.95


CAS060101-5 Construction Site Policy on Drug & Alcohol Abuse $9.95


Step Two: Analyze Worksite to Identify all Hazards and Potential Hazards


CAS080112 Health & Safety Manual with OSHA Links $49.95


CAS020506 Safety  Program Checklist $9.95


CAS020505 Hazards Housekeeping Checklist $ 9.95


Step Three: Develop, Implement and Maintain Methods and Processes  that Prevent or Control Existing or Potential Hazards.


CAS080112 Health & Safety Manual with OSHA Links $49.95


CAS021103 New Employee Orientation Checklist $9.95


CAS020501 Claims Avoidance Checklist $9.95


CAS020502 Claims Recovery Checklist $9.95


Step Four: Train Managers, Supervisors and Employees to Ensure that They Understand and Deal with all Worksite Hazards.


CAS080112 Health & Safety Manual with OSHA Links $49.95